Cedric W. Williams is the Founder/Director of Poppin' Bottle Bar Service.  Cedric founded this company in September 2011, after serving the Middle Tennessee area through private events and hospitality. Cedric has served for several celebrity guest such as Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Keith Bullock, B.O.B, Governor Lee of Tennessee and Vice president Pence. Cedric has develop great business relationships over the years from small business to large corporate companies, such as Asurion, Associated Packaging, FideTrust, and several caterers and venues. The wedding industry is were Cedric got started. Meeting great people like Courtney Hammons a business mogul,  who helped take his company to the next level by mentoring him into the event industry. Cedric believes building long term business relationships is the key to success for any business. Cedric also believes in the 3 Ss to success Standard, Service, and Silence. These key components will help any entrepreneur make effective decisions, strategize, and gain profitability. Cedric quotes; "We don't just mix drinks, we provide a quality service."